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Welcome To Ball Trotter

Ball Trotter invites you to a tour to the best balls in the world! If you are looking for prestige glamour class and elegance, you found the right website!

We attended most of the Viennese balls, charity balls and dance society balls in Europe and America, and we are now revealing to you what the best events are and how to make the most of them.

Charity Balls

Charity balls are usually fun, but the ones we present here are also classy and glamorous! Primarily organized to raise funds, they can be a rare occasion to dance to quality orchestras in prestigious venues.

Victorian Balls /  Historical Balls

The most common historical balls are Victorian balls and Regency balls. Those balls are usually organized by dance societies and are attended by amateurs of history, costumes and dancing. The emphasis is usually on the quality of the costumes and the quality of the dancing  !

Viennese Balls

Viennese balls are renowned worldwide but here we will only present the ones that are worth the trip ! Viennese balls usually involve debutantes and real classical orchestras. Viennese balls are not organized only in Vienna but in most capitals around the world !

Ballroom Etiquette

Some charity balls, Victorian balls or Viennese balls sometimes require specific ballroom etiquette but do not panic! Ball Trotter will help you with that bit as well and describe the different dress codes and what is expected from you. The best balls require the best outfits, the best venues and the best etiquette!

Please do not hesitate to contact us on dancemaster@balltrotter.com