Interview with Mag. Renate Danler, director of the Hofburg Vienna and organizer of Le Grand Bal

Today, Patricia Grekowski interviews Mag. Renate Danler, director of the Hofburg Vienna and organizer of Le Grand Bal.

P.G.: “Le Grand Bal celebrates its second year. Why was the Kaiser Ball stoped and replaced by Le Grand Bal, what is the difference?”

Renate Danler

Renate Danler

R.D.: “The Kaiser Ball directed itself 95% to guests from abroad and was affiliated to the Austrian K&K Tradition. For example an entry of Kaiser Franz-Joseph and Sisi as well as their entrainment of the court was part of the Kaiser Ball. With Le Grand Bal in the Viennese Hofburg an outstanding ball event with all his traditional elements was created. It is a good mixture of guests from Austria and foreign countries. Especially young people identify themselves with Le Grand Bal. It is already an established high class society event.”
P.G.: “What makes Le Grand Bal different from other balls in Vienna?”

R.D.: “Every single ball event in the Viennese Hofburg has its own character. Le Grand Bal is already unique because of the date. The production of decoration and shows is highly linked to the turn of the year. The guests appreciate that they can choose between a gala dinner and early entry or a later ball attendance with the general opening ceremony. The relation of the guests is exactly balanced. Every year Le Grand Bal has a new and special theme, for 2013 it was “L´Esprit Viennoise”. Besides I don´t know another ball, that is as international as ours.”

P.G.: “Is it mainly attended by Viennese people or tourists?”

R.D.: “It was attended by guest from 44 different countries. A third of all guests came from Austria, followed by guests from the United States, France, Germany and Russia. Our aim is to address national and international guests alike.”
P.G.: “Why a French name for a Viennese ball?”

R.D.: “Le Grand Bal has its origin of naming in the French language and ceremonial. The first ball event has been organized in France. It is with purpose that Le Grand Bal refers to this historical rooting. The Viennese Hofburg is emphasized as location and monument of typical Viennese charm. It is not only a figurehead for this traditional New Year´s Eve ball, it is also an on-site event of the Viennese Hofburg.”

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